Infant massage

Infant massage has traditionally been used throughout many cultures
around the world, but has only recently gained popularity in Asia.

Mothers are now discovering that massage has massive benefits for
both their baby and themselves.

Research has shown, and mothers agree, that because touch conveys
nurturing and love, massage enhances bonding between mother and

Also, because massage releases en dolphins (the body’s natural pain
reliever) it helps to reduce the pain of colic and teething, helps to clear
sinus and chest infection, helps baby to relax and induces sound,
healthy sleep.

Massage for children
For many children in the 21st century, growing into their teenage years
can be very stressful. For many children it is filled with fear, anxieties
and confusion. Adults often forget how hard it is to be a child.

Research has shown that children who are massaged show decreased
levels of stress hormones.
And children who are experiencing conditions such as rheumatoid
arthritis, asthma or diabetes show less anxiety and report feelings of
increased well being after massage.

Massage therapy is used to help children suffering chronic pain, and
research has also shown that children with ADHD, autism and other
special needs also benefit greatly from the massage experience.

When organising massage for children,
it’s especially important to ask the child for permission before the
massage begins.
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