Thalassotherapy An ancient Greek therapy (thalasso is
Greek for sea) these treatments use the therapeutic
benefits of the sea, and seawater products for their
vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which can heal and
reinvigorate skin and hair.

Various treatments include: Individual baths of fresh
seawater equipped with powerful underwater jets for deep
massage; or a therapist applies manual massage to body
with hoses.

Body wrap, similar to herbal wrap, but using seaweed or
sea algae paste, to eliminate toxins, restore minerals and
skin elasticity. As with most wraps, it usually involves
seaweed paste rubbed on the body, which is then covered
with sheets and sometimes blankets for 10 to 20 minutes.

Use of sea water and sea air to treat a disease; living near
the sea, bathing in the water and breathing sea air.
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