It eases the body tension and soothes all kinds of pain. It is a firm and strong
massage, which is effective for individuals with low energy levels, lethargy,
poor circulation, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, athletes and fatigue. It
stimulates the metabolic process and hastens the pace. It boosts the
immunity levels and thus reduces the risk of any kind of infection.

The essential oils stimulate the memory power and provide relief from muscle
damage. The fragrance of these oils is potent and proves beneficial. This
massage refreshes and relaxes the mind.
It energises the body and relieves fatigue.

A number of pushing techniques dominate this technique of Javanese
massage. It is a deep technique that relieves all kinds of spasms. It is a deep
pressure massage that alters the mental state and calms the nerves. It brings
a balance in the mind, soul and body of the individual.

The client lies on a mat on the ground. In some cases, the individual is
allowed to sit on a chair. Javanese massage initially begins in a dry manner. It
is followed by the topical application of warm ginger oil or coconut oil.

It is a compression massage technique, which provides overall health. It is
not only relaxing, but also proves beneficial in a therapeutic manner. This
massage recharges the system.

Javanese massage helps in providing relief from sleep disorder, migraine,
depression, headache, asthma, allergy, muscle pain and other respiratory
problems. It provides a serene atmosphere and changes the mental make up.

Individuals who have undergone surgery or any other medical treatment are
not recommended to take the Javanese massage. Individuals with joint or
limb pain and those with low or high blood pressure need prior guidance
before undergoing this massage. The kind of massage applied and the type
of essential oil used depends on the underlying condition of the individual.
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