Twin Massage
Twin massage is done by two massage therapist. It is called four hand
massage also.

A heavenly massage carried out by two therapists massaging
simultaneously; whilst one massage therapists works on the left hand
side, the other performs synchronised massage on the right.

Two therapists will massage you at the same time with same style. This
experience can be quite intense and relaxing.

Two therapists working in synchronized movements to achieve mental and
spiritual bliss. Enjoy twice the experience in tension releasing, deeply
relaxing & re balancing massage. A must try!

Amazing Twin spa massage experience revives the senses, body and spirit.

Twin spa treatment generally combines healing, mood enhancing, and
relaxing essential oils.

Reduce stress and promote an overall feeling of well being.

The four-handed massage utilizes two massage therapists working in
perfect coordination, beginning with stretching the upper & lower body &
continuing with traditional massage.

Twin massage Combine with Reflexology (foot massage),Facial massage
and head massage.

The therapist uses a non-sexual form of touch called therapeutic massage,
and it shall be deeply relaxing, not arousing.