What is Body Alignment for Life?
Body Alignment For Life (BAFL) is a self-applied range of motion
grading system. BAFL is a web-based injury prediction and prevention
software program. It can help identify and pinpoint potential repetitive
stress injuries by testing an individual's range of motion. The BAFL
program can help predict overall physical capabilities and capabilities
within a movement. With this data, we can create a physical baseline
for each individual person. Based on these test results, the program
produces detailed reports on the physical health of an individual
person, collects data on each assessment which allows the user to see
their progress over time, it also generates an individualized self
applied-corrective program.

With our BAFL program, you can assess yourself by measuring the
imbalances in your body based on your ability to perform basic stretch
positions in our online (ROM) assessments. With the collected data, we
can determine the areas of the body that need extra attention in order
to predict or prevent injury either in a sport on the job or in everyday

If your goal is to have a properly aligned body to prevent injury or pain
you must be consistent with your range of motion (ROM) assessments
also the application of your corrective programs. This will help you
avoid injuries and keep your body performing at its maximum potential.
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