German Chamomile Essential Oil is a deep, dark blue hue due to the presence
of the sesquiterpene chamazulene.

During steam distillation of the essential oil, the natural matricin that is present
in German Chamomile reacts to form the chamazulene that we find in the oil.

As with Yarrow or Blue Tansy Essential Oil, the hue can sometimes be a
deterrent when working with the oil.

For room sprays and body mists where essential oil color can again be a

German Chamomile Essential Oil tends to be comprised of 60-70%
Sesquiterpenes and 10-15% Oxides. Roman Chamomile Oil, on the other hand,
is comprised of approximately 75% Esters and 10% Monoterpenols.

Their natural chemistry is rather different, however, many of their general
applications are similar.

Aromatically, most individuals prefer Roman Chamomile Essential Oil.
However, German Chamomile does possess a beautiful and somewhat similar
sweet, herbal-chamomile aroma that shouldn't be overlooked.

For emotional applications, Roman Chamomile is often the one to choose. For
skin care and occasions in which a strong anti-inflammatory oil is beneficial,
the German Chamomile is the better choice.
German Chamomile
Essential Oil
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