Massage is basically rubbing or kneading of body parts with some oil or lotion to aid circulation,
stimulate nerves or to relax muscles. Therapeutic message, a very popular term widely used in
massage therapy is massage used for physical and psychological benefits.

Massage has a great healing effect and also relieves stress and improves blood circulation.
Massage when accompanied with some massage oil gives a very relaxation effects on the
whole body.

There are different types of oils used for massaging the body. Each oil has its own unique
properties like some have healing properties; other may have relaxing, calming or even sensual

Massage oil for common health problems

• Apricot kernel oil - useful in reducing stress and gives a great relaxation state of both body and

• Borage massage oil - useful in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis

• Olive oil - useful in relieving stiffness and improves skin complexion

• Emu oil - useful for the treatment of arthritis, joint pain and back pain

• Kukui nut oil - have good anti-inflammatory properties

• Almond oil - have good anti-inflammatory properties

Massage therapy when combined with aromatherapy has wonderful effects in relaxing,
stimulating and relieving stress. Body massage with sweet and sensual essential oils is helpful
in making your romantic mood and boosting libido.

Massage can be used in numerous purposes like in weight loss, pain relief and even to control
hair loss (through head massage). Head massage improves blood circulation of the scalp. By
massaging the scalp the hair follicles are stimulated and the texture of the hair is also enhanced.

Massage is not only beneficial for the external parts of the body; it also makes our internal
organs of the body to work efficiently. A full body massage helps fight depression, infertility,
blood pressure, back problems, diabetes etc. It also boosts our immune system.

Before applying any of the massage oil, you must know whether you are allergic to it. If so then
consult a massage therapist who would be able to assist you in selecting some other better
substitute to that massage oil for a good massage.
Massage Oil for Soothing and Sensual Massage
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